Tribal Funded Social Services


The Tribal Social Services Fund Program shall be for the purpose of providing financial assistance to tribal members who meet the Estimated State Median Income Guidelines or those who are within 20% of those guidelines. 




Criteria for assistance 

  • Death of Immediate Family Member
  • Chronic Illness/Medical Emergency/Hospitalization
  • Unemployed
  • Employed and falling within income guidelines
  • Elder
  • Disabled
  • Divorce
  • Natural Disaster
  • Eviction Notice
  • Cutoff Notice


Immediate family members include:  Mother, Father, Grandparent, Child, and Sibling.  All must be an immediate family member to the first degree.  Step Child and Foster Child also qualify.


Financial assistance shall be provided for the following as of 10/01/2013:

  • Utility Assistance (Bill or Deposit). 
    Assistance for utilities includes a maximum up to $300.  The one-time payment will be made directly to the vendor.  A copy of the bill or the request for deposit must be in the tribal member's name or their legal spouse's name.  If service is provided then the account must equal a zero balance once the funds are applied.
  • Rental Assistance or Mortgage Assistance (Bill or Deposit). 
    Assistance for rent or mortgage includes a maximumup to$300.  The one-time payment will be made directly to the landlord, housing office or mortgage company.  Must have a lease agreement or mortgage documents in place for current residence.  In case of request for deposit assistance then a rental agreement or letter showing the amount of the deposit must be provided.  If service is provided then the balance must equal zero once the funds for assistance are applied.
  • Emergency Hotel Assistance. 
    Assistance for a hotel room due to utility cutoffs, fire, natural disaster, medical emergency, etc.  Not to exceed $75 per night with a $300 maximum assistance.  A clear need for this emergency assistance must be documented.


Exceptions that may be approved by the program

In cases where a tribal member lives with another individual and the bill is not in their name, the applicant may provide a written notarized statement signed by both the tribal member and the person on the bill and submit at least two pieces of mail and/or a piece of mail and ID showing that they reside at the residence shown on the bill.


Any member of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes of Oklahoma, regardless of residence shall be eligible for assistance based on the above mentioned criteria. 


FY 2020 TFSS Application

TFSS Landlord-Management Information Form (Updated)


Other Assistance



Sheena Ngu

405-247-2425 ext. 123



Cassie Williams

405-247-2425 ext. 166