R.I.S.E. Uniform Donation--Anadarko Little League Football Contribution

R.I.S.E. Program 


The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes' R.I.S.E. program recently donated uniforms for Anadarko Little League Football teams' age 10 divisions. These include the second division teams of "Purple" and "Gold." R.I.S.E. presented the football uniforms during the teams' September 5 and September 7 practices.


The jerseys feature R.I.S.E. program's branding that includes "RISE PROGRAM" across the back and the program's seal on the upper right portion of the jersey. Additionally, the R.I.S.E. word logo is on the upper right hip of the uniform pants.

According to R.I.S.E. outreach specialist Durell Cooper, "Sports is a very important and overlooked aspect in life skill development for children," he said. "Sports promote a healthy active lifestyle, boost kids' self-esteem, develop leadership skills, discipline, accountability and gets [youth] familiar with goal-setting. Mental health also ties in first-hand with suicide prevention. Sports can definitely be labeled as a protective factor when it comes to suicide prevention, because sports promote positive behavior and coping skills."


Jersey Close Up


Cooper's own football experiences in the Anadarko area include Mighty Mite Football, Anadarko Middle School, Riverside Indian School, and Anadarko High School. He also started three years on the Haskell Indian Nations University football team.


For Cooper, the promotion of sports is in line with R.I.S.E. achieving its goals of suicide prevention in the 10-24 age range.

Uniform Pic 1 


"By working and investing in these groups, we are developing a new relationship with programs that can better help us reach these kids in a new and unique way," he said. "We are spreading program awareness, education, creating a larger safety net and a more connected community for our youth and programs."


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