Juvenile Services


The Wichita & Affiliated Tribes Juvenile Services Program (JSP) was developed specifically for Wichita enrolled youth 12 up to age 18 who may be deemed at or near risk for juvenile delinquency.  The ultimate goal of the program is to assist families and their children in becoming self-sufficient and productive community members by enabling them to stand on their own abilities and resources.

Goals & Services of the JSP program

  • To promote the at-risk youth's well being within his/her own family and community, reduce the number of referrals to the juvenile justice system and reduce truancy rates.
  • To educate youth on topics ranging from AIDS/HIV to basic independent living skills development.
  • To provide advocacy representation for court involved youth.  Please note that JSP does NOT pay court costs or fees.
  • To establish community awareness projects geared toward tribal youth and families with topics ranging from substance abuse education to gang awareness; these events may be held in conjunction with other agencies/organizations.
  • To offer counseling referrals for youth with emotional, behavioral or substance abuse issues.
  • To promote family self-sufficiency and ability to rely on own strengths and resources; and to assist those families financially in the promotion of the health and welfare of youth as necessary.
  • To provide behavioral rehab, life skills and social skills redevelopment to Wichita youth.
  • To provide academic and behavioral incentives to program clients as positive reinforcements.


Mandy Oswald, Juvenile Services Director, 405-247-8625 (office) 405-933-6589 (cell)






*The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes Juvenile Services Program will be sponsoring 30 Wichita enrolled youth, ages 5-12, for TWO weeks of day camp at Oakridge Christian Camp. Activities include zip line, go carts, swimming, water slides, archery, and climbing wall.

*These sponsorships will be available on a first come, first served basis. Due to COVID restrictions, this will be a drive through process.

*On July 6th beginning at 8:30AM, staff will be set up in the main parking lot of the complex. The first 30 people who come by for their child will be given a coupon code to register their child for camp. Once given a code, YOU will be responsible for registering your child online, which will include a processing fee of $4.20.YOU MUST COMPLETE A SHORT APPLICATION AND WAIVER BEFORE PICKING UP A CODE, AND ALSO PROVIDE A COPY OF THEIR CDIB.The application is attached. To save time, you are encouraged to print and complete the application beforehand. We will also have applications on site.  

*Additional information on how to register will be given when you pick up your code, along with other information from Oakridge. (What to wear, what to bring, activities offered, etc.)

*Camp dates will be the weeks of July 13-17 AND July 20-24. You will be able to drop your child off at Oakridge at 8AM and pick them up at 5PM daily.  You will be responsible for transporting your child to and from camp.


Oak Ridge Day Camp Application and Release form


Mandy Oswald

Juvenile Services Program Director