WTIDC: Wichita Travel Plaza Receives High Ratings in Secret Shopper Program

(Submitted by WTIDC Executive Director Cynthia Billy on January 24, 2019)

WTIDC would like to congratulate our Wichita Travel Plaza location for doing a phenomenal job on this year's Champs Secret Shopper program.  Our location is now ranked 34 out of 385 Champs locations throughout the United States!  This puts us on the Top TEN percentile of all Champs store secret shopper results. These happen once per quarter at random by a third-party company so we get an honest, non-biased assessment. 

With that in mind, we decided to use some of our MDF (marketing distribution funds) towards rewarding our store's staff for hospitality excellence.  By rewarding them through our MDF program, it allowed us to do something nice for our team without costing the business any out-of-pocket funds. 

We gave them each a $20 Gift Card as a way to say thank you and show appreciation to them for working as a team to hit the Top TEN List.  From experience, when you reward good behavior and practices, it highly encourages those on the front lines to continue to strive for excellence. Plus, what a great way to say Happy Holidays /New Year's and put a positive spin on operations going in the 2019!

Moreover, our location hit its benchmarks in volume of sales and costs of goods that will now allow us to level up in our Champs Program. After reviewing the year over year reports, we can now see that our store is on an upward trend. Our case purchases indicate whether our food program sales are growing or slowing. From diving deeper into all our product movement, we can tell that our location's team has done an incredible job at reducing waste and improving inventory controls.

Refining our food program, inventory control, and customer service were priority goals we set for our management team at the beginning of 2018, and they were able to successfully hit those goals!

Again, congratulations to the Wichita Travel Plaza on this great achievement!